Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winterlude Table Runner

Several months ago I bought a kit for a Winterlude Table Runner Kit by 3 Sisters for Moda, which will eventually resemble the photo above. I procrastinated and didn't get started on it until yesterday. I spent several hours cutting and then pairing up 420 tiny pieces of fabric, laid them out in rows on my design board, then stacked up the rows in preparation for sewing.

I took pictures from several angles, just in case a piece got misplaced.

As I was transporting the board to my sewing machine, this happened:

Everything is now in a bag in my closet. I'll think about it after Christmas!


  1. Oooooh! I love this table runner! I really have nothing specifically Christmas when it comes to table linens, so could use something like this. Merry Christmas, Linda!

  2. Hi Linda! It looks a beautiful project! I hope you have more luck with it in the New Year! Best wishes Christine xx

    1. Thanks Christine - it's still in the closet. :)


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