Katie Tooters
Estimated birthdate 3-20-12
Rescued 5-2-12
Black longhair with green eyes

We moved in Katy, TX in 2012, and our cat had passed away the year before. I had thought about getting another cat, but I guess I was still grieving "AJ" and just couldn't get any interest in looking.

One day we received an email from the president of our neighborhood association with the above picture of a rescued 2-month old black kitten. She included a plea to either claim or adopt her. Those eyes got to me. I kept looking at the email and finally emailed her the next day to to inquire if anyone had claimed the kitten. She immediately responded with a "No! Are you interested?" I forwarded the email to my husband and both my kids and asked them what they thought. All three said "yes, you need a kitty in your life again" So I emailed the president, and she arranged for the rescuers to bring the kitten to me.

When the man and his wife brought her, I found out the story behind Katy's rescue. The man was a runner and frequently jogged along a very busy street south of our house. For two or three days, he kept hearing an odd sound when he jogged past some trees in a median. Finally he investigated and saw a kitten up in one of the trees. He went home and got a ladder and rescued that kitten! How she ever made it across that busy street and up into that tree in the first place is a mystery. He took her home but they were unable to keep her because of the other cats they had in their household, and that is when he contacted the neighborhood association.

She has been a great cat who has handled 3 house moves and lots of change in her kitty routine. She is the only one of our cats that is allowed outside. When we lived in a house that was surrounded by an 8-foot privacy fence, we let her outside under supervision. Now that we are on 5 acres, she only wants out in the mornings for a few minutes, so we allow it.

Her favorite thing to do is to have her Daddy fill the sink and let her splash and drink every morning while he shaves.

Katy's eyes still get me!

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