Jack Nicklaus
Estimated birthdate: 6/30/16
Rescued: 8/25/16
Ginger tabby with gold eyes

In 2016 we sold our suburban home and purchased 5 acres with my husband's sister and her son. We bought a manufactured home to move onto the land but had to wait a couple of months before it was out of the factory. On the day of closing, we went early to the office to have one more look at the model home for measurements. As we started out the back door of the office, the salesman warned that there was a stray kitten lurking around.

And indeed there was a little orange kitten. He was panting and meowing and purring and kneading. I talked to him and tried to pet him, but it took me 10 minutes to finally touch him. Once I did, he was completely trusting in my arms. After signing papers, we took him to a vet. Once I found out he was male I named him "Jack Nicklaus" on the spot, after my favorite golfer. The funny thing is that I had had a dream about an orange kitten named Jack a few nights earlier. So it was meant to be.

We were living with our son and family at the time, and our "living quarters" were in the large second floor playroom. Jack settled right in with our cat and our son's kitten, playing and being wild. He was so wild one day that he went through the railing that overlooked downstairs and fell onto the floor below! I was terrified and ran to check on him. He was stunned and not very happy but seemed fine. I immediately called the vet who told me he was probably OK but to keep an eye on him. After a night of rest, he was back to his normal self the next day.

Jack is now a huge beautiful ginger tabby. He demands my attention if I'm too focused on quilting or my computer, and he is a frequent companion in my sewing room. He is very vocal and fairly aggressive if he doesn't get enough exercise. He loves to "steal" things and will take anything in a plastic bag off our kitchen counter and run with it. He makes us laugh out loud.

Jack is a big boy! But I still see the
sweet little orange, needy kitten when I look at him.

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