Thursday, September 12, 2013

my favorite blog

I've decided to revive my favorite blog. I seem to have a blog hoarding problem, since I've had 4 blogs since I first began blogging. I started with For Goodness Sake, which became my catering blog. Then I decided I needed an Oklahoma blog, so I created this one, which is still my favorite. My foray into crafting prompted me to launch Talking Stash. I posted very little on that one, but I still love the name and might choose to bring it back to life.

When we moved to Katy Texas I blogged new adventures as Katy Rose. Now that we have moved to Magnolia, I hesitate to start yet another blog, so I will return to my roots. Even though I love Texas, at heart I am still an Okie.

The moving process has not been fun. I'm not sure anyone on the planet would say "I sure enjoyed packing up a 3330 square foot house and moving everything into a 2400 sq ft house". In spite of it all, the job opportunity was welcome, the proximity to our son and DIL and grands (6 miles!) was a big draw, and we do love this part of south Texas with its gentle hills and pine trees. And who wouldn't love this view from my sewing room!

When we lived in Katy I had a loft for my crafts and a sewing room for my quilting. These hobbies will now share space with our one guest bedroom, which has gone through quite a transformation from this before we bought it.

To this when we first moved in.


To this - it's getting there!