Rosemary Joy - "Rosie"
Estimated birthdate 7/23/16
Rescued 11/23/16
Siamese/white tabby mix with blue eyes

A few months after we moved into our current home, we had decks built on the front and back of the house. Late one afternoon the carpenter knocked on the door and said "ma'am we have a problem". I thought he meant a building problem, but as I walked outside he said that a little kitten had just run under his pickup. I knew both my cats were inside, so I was perplexed because I had seen no other cats around. We both got on the ground to look under his truck, and I was able to flash a light on a little kitten up in the tire well! As I crawled toward her, she ran out and around the side of the house and through a small hole that went under our house. I spent at least an hour trying to coax her out with food and water but finally had to leave her out there.

The next day I was able to get her to come out, but only as long as I was several feet away. So she lived under the house two nights, and it was possible she had been there longer. The last night she was under the house we had a storm. I was so worried about her and the next morning went out to check on her. It was chilly but sunny, so I just sat outside next to the hole for a long time. She finally walked out and came up behind me. After about an hour of stealthy moves, I got close enough to pick her up. She resisted for about two seconds, then she was fine! I took her to the vet the next day and kept her in the guest bathroom for a couple of days. The other two (Katie and Jack) hissed a lot but didn't take long to adjust to her.

Her vet says she is a Siamese mix. She had more white as a kitten but has gotten more gray/brown as she has matured. How such an exquisite little creature ever made it to our remote residence is beyond me. And where was her mama or her siblings? If only cats could talk.

Rosie has the sweetest nature of any cat I have had. She has lost any feral nature she had in the beginning and seems relaxed and happy. She makes us laugh when she meows, because for such a little thing she has an alto voice.

She loves to get into any kind of box. She will meow until we notice her or look for her, then purr loudly when we acknowledge her.

When we run the vacuum or when people come to the house, she always runs to hide under our bedspread. She thinks she is hidden.

Rosie is my daily companion in the sewing room. We certainly weren't
looking for a third cat, but now I can't imagine life without her.

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