Friday, September 4, 2009

Life's Too Short--Build A Pool! - Part 2

The pool is progressing so fast now that I have not kept up with blogging about it! The gunite has been sprayed, the tile set into place, and the deck is complete. Now we are ready for the pool to be plastered.

The trucks arrived for the gunite--noisy and exciting!

The hose snaked from the truck to the pool.

The gunite is sprayed manually.

A screen was set in place to block some of the dust.

These guys worked quickly, but it was a lengthy process.

We squinted our eyes to picture our completed pool.

Gunite has to be watered twice a day for 7 days during the curing process. A neighbor told me that the Hoover dam had to cure for several years!

Next was tile!
We chose a matte tile with blue, dark brown, and beige, with dark brown grout, and we love how it looks.

Buddy and Randy survey their domain.

Next was prepping for the plaster.

I missed getting pictures of the first dark layer of plaster; the workers are laying the template for the "faux" flagstone decking.

The decking has been sprayed over the forms.

When the templates are removed the darker layer beneath appears to be flagstone grout.

Our weekend will be spent placing sod and garden soil to fill in the yard. During our breaks we will check out college football, and at 6:00 all work must end to watch the Sooners play BYU! GO SOONERS!!