Monday, August 24, 2009

Life's Too Short--Build A Pool! - Part 1

After braving four summers in Oklahoma's dry heat, we made the monumental decision to build a pool. This summer, with its particularly brutal 100-plus temperatures and little rain, served as the final impetus for us to seek out one of our neighbors who manages Blue Haven Pools and get the ball rolling. On August 6, the fun began.

Here is how the nice green grass looked with the pool outline.

The logistics of getting Bobcats into the yard made us nervous. They had to first go through this narrow space.

Part of our new fence was dismantled, and the crepe myrtle had to be temporarily relocated.

Our little garden fence had to be partially removed.

After that, it was clear sailing.

Apparently all it takes to bring rain is to start a pool. On the second day, we received over an inch.

You can see why Oklahoma is famous for red dirt!

As the work progresses, the removed dirt is spread onto the yard.

These guys work hard.

The excitement continued after the weekend; gravel was brought to the driveway and carted back to the hole.

This pipe will have to be rerouted.

Scott, the Blue Haven manager, assures Randy all will be well, while my mother and Buddy the dog look on approvingly.

Steelwork was completed.

And of course the rains came again, and again. Here is the back yard after a three-inch rain.

In spite of the mud, progress was made on plumbing and electrical work. Now we are finally dried out and anticipating the concrete work this week.