Buddy Boudreaux Buddington
Estimated birthdate 12/3/06
Adopted 3/10/07
White lab/Dalmatian mix with black spots and dark brown eyes

In 2007, we lived in Edmond, OK. One day we ended up at either Petco or Petsmart where Free to Live, a no-kill animal sanctuary in Guthrie, OK was holding an adoption day. We decided to get an older dog as a companion for our elderly dog Holly. On our way into the store, we saw a little pen with two puppies and stopped to look at them because they were just so darned cute. They were litter mates, and the female, "Daisy" was friendly but would not stop barking. "Duke" was not barking but just looking adorable, so I had to pet him. When I reached down to pet him he rolled over on his back and showed us the prettiest little spotted pink belly with his tail wagging on the ground. And that was that.

Holly let us know she did not appreciate our choice, but they eventually got along well enough.

We renamed him "Buddy", and after a few months of complete puppy shenanigans, he has been the best dog ever.

Buddy still loves to show us his pink belly.

Buddy is showing his age and not getting around very well, but he is still a puppy at heart.

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