Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Almost Sewing . . .

I know by now you must be tired of photos of the Janome silhouetted against my view - but there is a difference this time - the Janome is "ON". So I am enjoying a glass of zinfandel in my #1 Grandma wine glass to celebrate!

It has been a looooooong process with all the additions, corrections, and repairs that go with the purchase of a new manufactured home, and having so many people doing different tasks (running electricity underground, installing an aerobic septic system, waiting for parts to take care of first time walk-through repairs, and installing "skirting") takes time away from unpacking. Our first time purchasing a manufactured home has been an eye-opener!

Jack the new kitten is thriving in his new environment, and he and Katy (my older black cat) have adjusted beautifully. Jack is honestly the sweetest cat EVER, and he is a true gift from God. You can read about how I adopted him here Although he is very much a kitten (trying out his claws, scratching, play-biting, running/galloping through the house) he cuddles at night, purrs loudly when I speak to him, and follows me around when he isn't acting "crazy" or sleeping.

I am so inspired by all the quilting activity I see on Instagram and in the blogs I read daily. I cannot wait to get my fabric unpacked and start sewing!