Monday, September 8, 2014

Garden Gate Patchwork

I recently discovered the blog of Christine at Patchwork Allsorts and am drawn to her pretty embroidery. When I saw this beautiful stichery I decided I had to buy one of the double stitch patterns from Mountain Patchwork. During the month of September they have free shipping!

Christine has a stash of Tilda fabrics, which are gorgeous fabrics not readily available here in the States. I have to admit I'm envious of her stash. I started to buy a few pieces on Etsy, but in the end I decided to use some of the "unloved fabrics" that had been weeded out of my stash during The Purge a few weeks ago. They are batiks which attracted me initially, but I didn't love them anymore. However once they were cut and sewn together I loved them again.

I haven't hand sewn for a long time, and my stitches show it. Sewing a straight line is not as easy as it used to be, and my embroidery stitches look spidery to me. But I decided it adds to the charm. For the double stitch thread I used variegated Superior Rainbows with shades of lavender, sage green, and pink, and for embroidering the flowers, ribbons, and stems I used Cosmo thread.

I am working on re-purposing/refinishing a frame for it and will post a final picture. Thanks to Christine for answering my numerous questions about this project!


  1. Wow Linda this turned out so beautifully! You should be very proud of your work! Congratulations!! Thank you for mentioning my blog, very sweet of you!! Looking forward to seeing it in it's frame! :) x

  2. It is truly beautiful like it is! I looove it! And the batiks are a perfect match! Like a little dream...

  3. I love the batiks as their colours are so vibrant, and I think they have come up very well in your stitchery.
    I have looked at some of the fabrics in my stash and wondered why I have bought them in the first place, but when it is time for them to actually find another home, I do find it difficult to part with them too.

    1. Yes I agree. I had thought I would happily give away many of my unloved fabrics, but somehow they made their way back into my stash. ;)


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