Saturday, April 11, 2020

Beverly's Quilt Finish

What was begun as a quilt for me evolved into a quilt for a childhood friend. Beverly is the older sister of my best friend from childhood. She is in assisted living in my hometown and according to my friend, still leads an active life in her wheelchair. However, due to some complications from diabetes, she is currently in a physical rehab facility and hoping to get back to her home soon. In February I read about a wheelchair quilt on Louise's blog and began thinking about Beverly, and I couldn't stop thinking about her. Now that I know she is experiencing health issues, I'm glad I made the decision to gift her the quilt instead of keeping it for myself.

Inspiration vintage quilt from Instagram
This "pattern" was my attempt to recreate a vintage quilt I saw on Instagram. It was scrappy and composed of nine-patch blocks made anchored by cornerstones and separated by sashing rectangles.

This was a fun quilt for me, from doing the quilt math to picking fabrics. Most of the fabrics came from scraps or stash, but I did purchase the cornerstone and binding fabrics. My husband (and occasional quilt model) has become a surprisingly good consultant in choosing fabrics for bindings and backings, and he picked out the binding at my local quilt shop.

My quilting was a combination of a wide zig-zag stitch and grid quilting. The inspiration for zig-zag came from this pretty quilt on Preeti's blog. If you squint, it looks a little like hand-stitching. I employed the same zig-zag on the binding. Zig-zagging is fast but it really eats bobbin thread!

Backing is the same as the cornerstones

Quilt model Jack

Beverly's Quilt details:
Finished size: 42 x 60 inches
Pattern: Nine-patch blocks made with 2-1/2 inch squares; 3-1/2 inch cornerstones; 6-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch sashing strips

Front: Scraps and stash
Backing and cornerstones: Geraniums by Edyta Sitar for Andover
Binding: Heartfelt by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda

Superior Threads
Piecing: #50 So Fine 502 Genoa Gray
Quilting: #50 So Fine in 492 Pale Yellow

I'm linking again to Myra's Stress-Free QAL on Busy Hands Quilts.


  1. What a lovely job you did on reproducing this vintage quilt...
    I love that pattern of alternating 9 patches and rectangles--so simple yet SO effective...beautiful work
    ~ ~ ~ ~ Julierose :)))

  2. Such a sweet gift for your friend, Linda I know it’s hard to let go of a quilt you had intended for yourself, but a blessing to both of you, too. And since you put all that work into recreating the pattern, I bet that eventually you’ll make another for yourself. And three cheers for your quilt consultant who you get to live with. I live with mine, too. He says he’s not interested in being a quilter, but that sure doesn’t mean he’s not interested!

  3. Your "friend" will love it I'm sure... well done.

  4. That is a lovely quilt, Linda! I think you did a wonderful job getting that vintage feel you were looking for. The backing and cornerstone fabric is perfect for that goal, too. What a sweet gift that will be for your friend!

  5. Jack makes a great quilt look even better! Congratulations on a super finish :)

  6. Beverly's quilt is lovely. Your model is vey handsome and you are a good friend. Wishing Bev a speedy recovery. Hope you are staying safe and sane. Hugs from afar.

  7. Isn't it amazing the true beauty that can come out of scraps?

  8. ahhhh oh this. like Patty said above - ditto.


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