Friday, February 21, 2020

Lost Stars Quilt Blocks

Last month I saw some unique blocks made by @pamalamajodesigns on Instagram and they immediately became a squirrel in my sewing room. That happens so easily and so often! These blocks are called "Friendship Stars". I've never given friendship stars a second glance until I saw a Pam's version, in which the darker star is paired with a slightly less dark fabric instead of a strong contrast - does that make sense?

These are the blocks made by @pamalamajodesigns

I wanted rich, lush looking fabrics with deep tones.

Since it will be for my husband, who claimed it after he saw the first six blocks, I've named it "Lost Stars" after one of his favorite Adam Levine songs.

I've been cutting 2-7/8 inch squares to make 2-1/2 half-square triangles, and the rest of the block is 2-1/2 inch squares. It will be lap-size for my tall man. The blocks finish at 6-1/2 inches, so I figure I will need about 120 blocks in a 10 by 12 block layout.

I have 26 blocks, so I have a few more to go!

I'm linking this post to all the scrappy goodness at Cynthia's Oh Scrap! at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework.


  1. The more blocks you add, the more I love this design! And you're managing to keep them all spinning the same direction, too :)

  2. Linda, that is a beautiful color scheme you've got going on there! Definitely rich, deep colors. I like that version of the Friendship Star, too! I can see why your husband claimed this one!

  3. Beautiful colors and fabrics! A great new take on Friendship Star.

  4. Fabulous fabrics in these blocks. I love it so far. Looking forward to more. Enjoy. ;^)

  5. I haven't seen friendship star made like that. These blocks are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Lucky hubby. Happy cutting and sewing the rest of the blocks.

  7. Oh Linda, I REALLY like this modified version of a friendship star! Love the way you used darks, mediums and lights. Your hubby is going to love it. So THAT'S what you did with those fabrics! :D

  8. This is looking beautiful Linda! Love the low contrast between the star pieces so that they fade slightly. Beautiful! Christine xx

  9. Wow! This really looks complicated. Your fabric is always so pretty.


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