Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Osage Autumn Crochet Scarf and An Anniversary Update

Here is another finished winter scarf for wearing with boots and jeans. (Here and here are the two I made last year.)

The yarn, Patons Kroy in Blue Striped Ragg, is classified as "socks yarn". I attempted to crochet socks, but I gave up and made a scarf instead!

I used a U.S. D/3 crochet hook and primarily a single crochet stitch, with a few lacy rows thrown in to give it character.

In other news: Our kids surprised us this past weekend with an anniversary party! Our 50th anniversary was October 23 (read about that right here), and our daughter and two youngest grandchildren came for a weekend visit Friday night. She had told us before she came that she wanted to go out to eat to celebrate our anniversary and her birthday (October 24) and not to buy or fix a bunch of food like I usually do. She was very sneaky and never hinted at the fun to come.

Our son had told us various reasons he and his family couldn't come out for the weekend and made plans with us to take us out to eat in a couple of weeks. On Saturday around 11;00am, he and his family showed up at our house with a cake and food for a cookout! We were so shocked! They brought margarita fixings, queso, guacamole, and salsa, and my son grilled burgers. We had a blast!

Our kids helped us recreate cake cutting, 50 years later.

The cake had a photo of the cake cutting at our wedding reception.
It was just as delicious as the one 50 years ago!

Our littlest Sooner helped us feel better when OU lost their game.

Of course no visit is complete without a trip to Walmart for diapers.

We enjoyed a marshmallow roast on the firepit.

It was truly a great weekend filled with wonderful memories and happy times.


  1. what great kids you have - ...i love that they did that for you!!

  2. Linda, your scarf is so pretty! I just love the colors in it - so perfect for fall. What wonderful kids you have, too! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Love your scarf Linda! What a wonderful time your family gave you to celebrate your wedding anniversary! Here's to many more fabulous years together!! Christine xx

  4. Aw, so sweet. You guys are blessed by each other and those lovely kids of yours.

  5. That scarf is so pretty. I'm surprised that you have had time to knit with all of the big fun you have been having around your house! :-)

    1. Thanks Pattie, I've been working on that scarf a loooong time. I'm just not fast at projects like I used to be!

  6. Testing, testing. Let me know on IG if you got this comment. Thanks. Faith Emmett

    1. Yes I got it Faith, and thank you so much for seeking out my blog! :)


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