Monday, September 30, 2019

Vinyl Project Bag

So this happened over the weekend, and on a Saturday when I usually spend most of the day watching college football! Somehow I worked around the NCAA football schedule to complete this little project bag. There are zillions of tutorials for zippered vinyl bags on the internet, but I like this one from Moda Bake Shop. The pattern was easy to follow and perfect for my first time sewing with vinyl.

I could hardly bear to cut into my long-hoarded Suzuko Koseki fabric, but I love the little circles of retro-ness and thought it was perfect for a bag.

I quilted the back so that the circles were left unsullied.

Here are some things I did differently from the pattern:
  1. I used a solid piece of fabric for the back instead of piecing together mini charms, so the final size is off about an inch from the Moda bag at 13 inches x 14 inches
  2. I used fusible batting instead of regular batting to give it more body
  3. I sewed the zipper on with a regular foot instead of a zipper foot
  4. Next time I will be more careful getting creases out of the vinyl. In an effort to smooth the vinyl I put too much heat on it and made it slightly warped. So there were a few crinkles when I sewed with it. However I'm the only one who will notice!

My ambitious self wants to make more little vinyl/fabric bags for Christmas gifts!

Health update: Life is good again. After being sick most of August into September, I'm feeling like my normal self again! My CT scan revealed that I had had pneumonia in my left lung, so that explains the pain with coughing, the weight loss, and the trouble breathing. While waiting for my test results I made the mistake of looking online and found all kinds of things that could be wrong with me, so finding out it had been pneumonia was actually a relief - LOL!


  1. Must be a big relief to you to feel better and wow, where does your talent end - amazing bag.

  2. I spotted this on IG and loved it. I am duly impressed that you did this in a weekend, I am just now finishing up a spring stitching project. :-)

  3. Well, didn't you save the best for last?! Here I was enjoying your project bag post (which is great!) and then pneumonia! I'm so sorry to hear that, Linda. Although definitely better than what you were probably thinking! I hope you are much better now. Love the fun fabric you used for your bag - it is perfect for the inside of the bag!

    1. Thank you Diann. Yes I am so much better and enjoying life. I love that fabric and have been looking at buying more of it!

  4. I am so glad that you are feeling better Linda. Pneumonia can be nasty so it's no wonder you weren't feeling good. Love your bag.... the fabric is gorgeous! Continue to feel better! Christine xx


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