Friday, November 2, 2018

Tumbling Charms Prayer Quilt

Last week I did some organizing and purging in my stash closet. I found a project I had completely forgotten about, with pieces cut and sewn together (and ironed!) along with strips ready for sashing. I was delighted with my find, immediately got to work finishing the blocks, and stuck it up on my design board.

Now I will share the wonderful news that our daughter is 2 months pregnant with her second child (our fifth grandchild and second grandson!). Her best friend was also pregnant, and they were just a couple of weeks apart. They were thrilled and looked forward to sharing their pregnancies. The day after I started on the "found" project, my daughter texted me that her friend had lost her baby. It was devastating news. After some texting back and forth, I got the idea to make her friend a prayer quilt. My daughter was thrilled with the idea, so we discussed colors. On a whim I texted her a picture of the partially pieced quilt I had on my design board, and she loved it!

Before: 10 rows high

After: 8 rows high

The pattern is Tumbling Charms, a pattern I found at Farm Fresh Fabrics. It was pretty simple to put together, and the hardest part was making sure I got the rows in the correct order. The quilt was originally 10 rows high, but I wanted it to be shorter and took two of the rows off to use as part of the pieced backing. I also left off the border, but only because I didn't find a stash fabric I wanted to use. I used two charm packs of Olive's Flower Market and love the pinks, greens, and browns.

My quilt model is very patient

I was happy to find fabrics in my stash for the backing and binding

Quilting was simple wavy horizontal lines

I did think positive thoughts as I quilted and prayed over the quilt before I mailed it. My hope is that it will be used and bring some comfort. The timing of finding the quilt blocks and my daughter's text makes me feel, as I do many times in my life, that "things were meant to be". I believe God is keenly interested in my life, and when situations work out such as this one did, it brings me joy.

Pattern: Tumbling Charms by Farm Fresh Fabrics
Finished size: 45" x 53"

Fabrics used:
Olive's Flower Market by Lela Boutique for Moda
Meow or Never Tomcat Grey, by Erin Michael for Moda
White sashing fabric from my stash

Backing: "X's" from Good Neighbors by Amanda Jean Nyberg

Binding: Twirl by Jill Finley for Henry Glass

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday - Yay!


  1. I understand that joy and sorrow is inexplicably linked in our lives. May be we cherish the joyful moments because we know that sorrow is just around the corner. I am sure the prayer quilt will bring solace to her. Thank goodness for our quilt models and their patience.

    1. Oh Preeti thank you very much. Your words are so meaningful to me.

  2. What a sweet quilt and lovely gift for your daughter's friend, Linda! I really believe there is comfort in cuddling with and touching our quilted projects that we've put so much time and love into. I love that pattern, too - I'll have to go check it out.

    1. Thank you Diann! I'm going to make that pattern again, I like it also. :)

  3. Another beauty! I love that green fabric with the writing on it. I tend to really gravitate toward fabric with writing on it. I was looking at the black, brown, and orange fabric that you used, thinking how wonderfully it would go with the spooky Halloween fabric that I have. It would make one heck of a Halloween quilt.

    1. Hi Pattie. I love that green with writing also. It may be hard to tell, but the colors are pink, green, and brown. I've updated my post to include that description in case it appears that way on others' computers! :)

  4. What a heart-wrenching story of joy and sorrow, Linda. Your sensitivity to your daughter’s friend while celebrating your coming grandchild is touching, and yes, that quilt was in place for just such a time. It is beautiful, with such comforting colors. I hope someday you might be able to supplement it with another quilt made for joy.

    1. Janine thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. My heart is warmed! :)


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