Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My First Gluten Free Yeast Bread!

I've been tasked with creating a gluten free communion bread for my church. Baking yeast bread is like second nature to me, but this is my first venture with anything other than wheat-based flours. I have a lot to learn!

This highly rated gluten free sandwich bread recipe from the Land O'Lakes website is my first attempt, and we had it on our BLTs. It was tasty but very crumbly. My husband said it wasn't "as sweet" as regular bread, but otherwise he liked it. I subbed 1/2 cup almond meal for part of the flour, so I don't know if that was responsible for the crumbly texture or if I baked it too long. Overall I was pleased and will definitely keep working on perfecting my gluten free skills.

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

1 cup warm milk (about 110ºF)
1/4 cup sugar
2-1/4 teaspoons active dry yeast
2-1/2 cups gluten-free flour blend (I used Hodgson Mill GF Baking Mix and subbed 1/2 cup Trader Joe's almond meal
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup salted Butter, melted and cooled
2 eggs

Combine milk, sugar and yeast in bowl; set aside 10 minutes.

Combine flour blend and salt in large stand mixer bowl; beat with stand mixer on low speed, gradually adding yeast mixture until well combined. Add butter and eggs; beat, scraping bowl occasionally, until well mixed. Increase speed to high; beat about 3 minutes or until batter is very smooth. Cover and let rise in warm place 1 hour.

Grease 8x4-inch loaf pan. Stir dough; pour into pan, leveling top. Loosely cover with greased plastic food wrap; let rise 20-30 minutes or until just above top edge of pan.

In the meantime heat oven to 350°F. Bake 42-50 minutes or until top is golden brown. Remove bread from pan; cool completely on cooling rack.