Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Moorland Blanket CAL 2017

Instagram is going to be the source of bankruptcy for us. I see many creative ideas and opportunities to purchase patterns, fabrics, and most recently - yarn! One of the quilters I follow is also a crocheter, and she had purchased yarns for a Crochet-Along with Lucy who blogs at Attic24. Lucy is a crocheter from the UK who features gorgeous photos of crochet projects as well as scenery from one of my favorite places - the Yorkshire Dales.

(Attic24 photos)

She created a pattern with yarns reflective of the colors of a summer moorland vista. The yarns she chose for the project were available as a set for purchase at Wool Warehouse in the UK. They were reasonably priced even with shipping, and I loved all the colors so I ordered them. They arrived in incredibly fast time!

Jack can't wait to get at the skeins and play with them!

The yarns are soft and supple, and the colors are gorgeous! The ripply pattern looks pretty simple using double, half-triple, and triple crochet stitches. In spite of having at least two quilting projects in the works, I want to maintain my connection to crochet, and the CAL seemed like a good incentive. The tutorial is available here. The CAL is featured every Friday on Lucy's blog. I am already two weeks behind, but I have good excuses (LIFE!) and I'm not pushing myself.


  1. These yarns are precious! That will such a beautiful project. (Expensive cat toys, though. Don't give in.)

  2. What beautiful yarns and a fabulous project.... looking forward to watching your progress Linda! Christine x

    1. Me too Christine - I do want to make progress! :)


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