Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Almost There . . .

It seems our move has been a loooooong process. When you are trying to coordinate a move with another family (my husband's Mom and sister) and roadblocks happen on both sides (we each had initial offers that didn't work out!), you end up living out of boxes. Our house did sell, but we had to put all our belongings in storage and are living out of suitcases in our son's upstairs game room. The household now consists of four adults, three teenagers, two dogs, and two cats - good thing it's a big house!

If everything goes according to plan, my husband's sister will close on the sale of her home at the end of this week, and we will finalize the purchase of five acres in Sam Houston National Forest. Hopefully next time I post we will all be in our permanent homes!

In the meantime, this little Punkin is growing fast - she is now four months old!

Fingers crossed that soon we will see this view every morning.


  1. What a long and trying process this has been for you. It sounds as though you are getting close to the finish tho. Hope you are soon in your own new home. Your little punkin is so dang cute.

    1. We are truly almost there Bernie! Thanks. :)

  2. That is going to be a wonderful place for your new home! Fingers crossed that everything falls into place. I enjoy seeing the photos of your sweet little grandgirl, too! They grow so fast!


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