Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Road to Oklahoma Quilt Block

One of the commenters on my last post mentioned the quilt block "The Road to Oklahoma". I had to admit I've never made one, in spite of the fact that my blog is named for it, and that it has reflects my roots (see my About section). That comment gave me a great idea (thanks Christine!) for the back of the quilt I'm currently piecing.

The Road to Oklahoma block may be constructed a couple of different ways. One method is to cut trapezoids and squares, as described on Quilter's Cache:

Trapezoid method

I chose to make half square triangles instead of trapezoids.

Half Square Triangle method

The front of the quilt will be simple block rows. On the back will be the Road to Oklahoma block with coordinating backing. I love the way four blocks create a center star to make a kind of "Road to Oklahoma meets Lone Star". This will be meaningful to my niece (my nephew's wife), because she is from Texas and my nephew is from Oklahoma. (My apologies to correct quilters everywhere who know that this star is not the typical strip-pieced Lone Star.)

I ordered more of this pretty gray gingham for backing (so much for my moratorium on purchasing fabric this year ). In the meantime I'll finish piecing the front of the quilt!


  1. Your 'Road to Oklahoma' block is fabulous Linda! It is going to look fantastic on the back of your quilt and how marvellous that it is going to hold a special meaning to those you are making it for! Love the fabrics that you are using... the colours are lovely! Looking forward to seeing this one all pieced together! :) x

  2. This is turning out great. Nice that it has a special meaning for the recipient.

    Kind of hard to maintain a moratorium on fabric buying - I always need something for backing or binding. Even when I am sewing strictly from stashed fabric there isn't always a big enough piece for backing. (I do love gingham!!)


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