Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Desperate Yard Crashers Update

On the last update, our flagstone had been laid, new furniture put into place, and lovely plants strategically placed. The plants have long since burned up, thanks to a long hot Oklahoma summer that has put just a few kinks in the backyard project. Although we did get a beautiful pergola finished, it has been like an oven outside, even in the evenings, so we have not had enough opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, we did get our first break in the plus 100 temperatures yesterday, and last night it actually rained! Here are some photos of our latest addition.

Just for fun, I'll start with the photo from last year of the "blank slate".

Here is the finished flagstone last November.

And here is the new pergola, partially built by our lawn guys and finished by my talented hubby.

We removed the railing from our existing deck and added a step-down deck. The railing was recycled by installing it for privacy on the back side of the pergola.

I planted wisteria at the far corners of the pergola and hope it will eventually cover it with gorgeous spring blooms!

Hubby dug out and mulched an area for me to have a patio garden. We had a puny Rose of Sharon already in place that has flourished with the company of caladiums, lantana, and mandevilla.

A couple of patio plants are also flourishing. I think the pergola allows the perfect amount of sun and shade.

Hubby's vision of grass between the flagstone is coming along nicely; the fescue has suffered somewhat from the heat, but when cooler temps are finally here to stay, this area should be lush. Hibiscus in a pot has bloomed all summer. Next to the fence, an area of fescue that has not fared well.

The firepit has not been used this summer, but I am anticipating fall evenings with a toasty fire and s'mores!


  1. Wow what a change in your backyard. I love it. The look of the flagstone and the pergola are perfect. I'll bet you're looking forward to fall and those smores.

  2. Oh my goodness everything looks so good! It looks beautiful!

  3. Wow! This is soooooo beautiful.

    So I'm free in a couple weeks if you would like to come out to California and help me with landscaping....

    I'm just sayin'.

    Just throwin' it out there...

    Tap...tap.....hello? Is this thing on?


    Ok.... I can take a hint.

    But seriously I need a bucket for my drool, I love the yard OH and I want to come swimming too.

    Please and thank you. (Momma says never forget your manners)

  4. August was unbelievably hot. Hang in there and try again. Soaker hoses were my salvation for years. The pergola looks great BTW. :) ~~Dee


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