Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother's Day Goodies

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My 2 year old peony bush finally decided to bloom, and the fragrance and color were amazing--nature's Mother's Day gift to me. My grown children make every single day Mother's Day for me. My daughter surprised me by showing up to help me clean up after a morning cater and also brought me her addictive Ritz Blitz Cracker Cookies. My son sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers and called to wish me a happy day.

I ate way too many of these. The chocolate/peanut butter/crunchy combo is just irresistible.

Hoops & YoYo--my favorite cards! My daughter knows that they make me laugh out loud.

Not only were the flowers gorgeous, but I love the etched purple vase in which they arrived.

Now the vase contains silk lavendar and resides in my foyer.

And of course my youngest "child", Buddy, thinks he is the greatest gift of all.


  1. OMG! That is such a sweet picture of Buddy Buddington!! So glad you enjoyed your day. You're the best. xo

  2. Awww, Buddy! He looks SO cute!

    I just had to look up peonies yesterday and why one of my two isn't blooming. I learned that if there aren't enough "eyes" on the "root" that it can take 2-3 years, OR even 4-5 years!

  3. Hi Linda, Wow, what a beauty that peony is! Hope you get to see SATC 2 this weekend with your daughter. The strawberry rhubarb crisp looks delish, I'm gonna try your recipe. The ritz p-nut/choc covered cookies look yummy, too.

    To answer your question, yeah, they'll be things I miss about the house (the big rooms of sooo much space) and the city of LA where I live BUT, it is a BIG house that needs so much work and I can't keep it clean so I really want to downsize and getta grip on the house cleaning, get rid of stuff and the best thing of all is to live closer to my shop so I don't even have to get on a freeway anymore! Have a relaxing weekend!
    BTW, is the book "Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting" a good book for beginners?

  4. Oooh, those cookies look SO good, and the vase and flowers are beautiful! Happy late Mother's Day!

  5. As usual I'm running waaaay behind. Your mother's day was beautiful.

    The cookies looked YUMMY!!


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