Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Washington Oklahoma Cherry Jam

What do the state of Washington and a kitchen in Oklahoma have in common?

No, I'm not talking about the latest NBA "thunder" about Seattle and Oklahoma City. I'm talking about Rainier and Bing cherries that I purchased at a recent farmer's market.
I wanted to try my hand (for the first time) at jam, and being inexperienced about using pectin, I searched for a recipe without it. I found and tried this "no-recipe" by David Lebovitz. I like his simple and informal approach to making jam. I followed his instructions, ignoring only his caution not to burn my mouth by sampling.

I am pleased with the resulting jam, although it is more like a thick syrup after refrigeration. Still, it is delicious (especially with Homesick Texan's biscuits) and worth another try with a different fruit--perhaps some Oklahoma peaches...


  1. LOL on following his instructions, with one minor (burn) exception. Beautiful shots of your cherry jam!

  2. Thank you--but I like the looks of your rhubarb butter!

  3. Amazing photos Linda! Looks delicious...
    jam (Karen)

  4. That looks so good and sweet! WisH I had that right now on a hot biscuit.


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