Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sungold: How Sweet It Is

Sungold tomatoes are my favorite cherry tomato. Mere words cannot describe their true sensory delight; once you try them, you will cry tears of joy.

Even the plant itself is richly fragrant--I don't like to wash my hands after I've picked Sungolds, because I love the scent left by brushing against the leaves. The taste of the bite-sized orange globe is at once sweet, fruity, tangy--some have described it as though it is a fine dessert wine: "sweet, rich, and complex" or "tropical and winey".

But it is better than wine, with no hangover.

It has one of the highest brix levels for a small tomato. Brix is the measurement of the carbohydrate level of plant juices; or in terms simple enough for me to understand--how sweet it is. However, the high brix level is balanced by a slight acid tang, and tomato paradise is achieved.

In spite of the fact that it is a hybrid, and I prefer growing heirloom tomatoes, Sungold has remained my favorite cherry tomato. It is a very dependable plant and will produce masses of bright orange 1" fruits from spring through fall.

I purchased a sungold plant this year from Farmers Grain Company in Edmond, a delightfully rustic store that has been in business since 1922. But for my 2009 garden, I will plant my own Sungold seeds in indoor pots and plant the seedlings in March. Updates to follow!


  1. Oh, yummy! I planted my first Sungolds this year, and we're just starting to get ripe tomatoes here in the cool Pac NW. So I've discovered what you already knew...Sungolds are deLISH & sweet. Your photo makes me want to pluck one right off the vine!

  2. Glad you planted some LadyJ! Are yours vining all over the place like mine are? Have you noticed that distinctive fragrance?

  3. My Sungolds aren't as vigorous as my Stupice is; it's taking over the town. I have noticed the wonderful fragrance of the tomato leaves; I love that!


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