Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Farmer's Market - Better Than A Casino

Last week at the Edmond Farmers Market, I allotted myself $40 to spend. Just like at a casino, my cash was gone in about 20 minutes. But I felt like a winner because I gambled on Oklahoma produce.

The Israeli melon from Dibble is very popular. The taste and texture is like that of a cantaloupe, but the sugar content is much higher.

I purchased heirloom tomatoes, yellow Romas, and squash from Dibble and Spiro peaches and nectarines, as well as Sweet bicolor corn from Bixby (my hometown!)

And from my favorite vendors--Country to Town Produce in Guthrie--sweet, juicy Rainier and Bing cherries from Washington State.

**Note: So sorry that the photos originally in this post are no longer available!


  1. Beautiful photos! And whoo-hoo on the Rainier & bing cherries from WA State! We have a Rainier & a bing cherry tree in our yard and were just salivating in anticpation of the first pick of ripe cherries this year; but the crows beat us to every last one of them, before they even ripened, when we were out of town!

  2. Maybe some netting next year? :o)

    I have to say that my favorites are the bings--would you believe it was the first fresh bing I've ever had?

  3. Thanks for participating in the Farmer's Market Report! I'll have this up each Saturday (mid-day).

  4. Marshall has a cousin who just moved to Santa Monica from Michigan to make some money (she is a nurse). I hear they have an awesome farmer's market on Wednesdays so we are talking about going down next Tuesday evening and then going to the market on Weds.
    I want your cherries...
    Jam (Karen)

  5. That's it. I want to live in Oklahoma! Fantastic pictures!


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