Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Farmer's Market - Better Than A Casino

Last week at the Edmond Farmers Market, I allotted myself $40 to spend. Just like at a casino, my cash was gone in about 20 minutes. But I felt like a winner because I gambled on Oklahoma produce.

The Dibble vendor said this Israeli melon is very popular. The taste and texture is like that of a cantaloupe, but the sugar content is much higher.

Heirloom tomatoes, yellow Romas, and squash from Dibble
Spiro peaches and nectarines

Sweet bicolor corn from Bixby (my hometown!)

And from my favorite vendors--Country to Town Produce in Guthrie--sweet, juicy Rainier and Bing cherries from Washington State.

Click on the icon above and read about Oklahoma Grown Farmers Markets across the state, their locations, hours of operation, and contact information. Click on "Oklahoma Fruit and Vegetable Availability" to see when your favorite is available.


  1. Beautiful photos! And whoo-hoo on the Rainier & bing cherries from WA State! We have a Rainier & a bing cherry tree in our yard and were just salivating in anticpation of the first pick of ripe cherries this year; but the crows beat us to every last one of them, before they even ripened, when we were out of town!

  2. Maybe some netting next year? :o)

    I have to say that my favorites are the bings--would you believe it was the first fresh bing I've ever had?

  3. Thanks for participating in the Farmer's Market Report! I'll have this up each Saturday (mid-day).

  4. Marshall has a cousin who just moved to Santa Monica from Michigan to make some money (she is a nurse). I hear they have an awesome farmer's market on Wednesdays so we are talking about going down next Tuesday evening and then going to the market on Weds.
    I want your cherries...
    Jam (Karen)

  5. That's it. I want to live in Oklahoma! Fantastic pictures!


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