Friday, September 23, 2016

Future Sewing Space

While at the house today, i couldn't resist putting my sewing desk in place!

After many days of waiting for county permits, electricity was connected yesterday, and tomorrow the AC will be installed - yay! Last week we had to go ahead and move our furniture into the house to avoid paying another month of storage on two units. Fortunately we had great movers, and everything arrived intact and unscathed after sitting in storage for two months. Next Monday the aerobic septic system will be put in, then Tuesday new appliances will be delivered.

Itching to get to these boxes in the sewing room!

With an additional bedroom, I will have a dedicated sewing room, so I am very eager to start unpacking. It has been so warm in the house, even with fans today it got too warm to stay long, so only a few boxes got unpacked.

If everything goes according to schedule, we will gather the dog, cat, and kitten, say good-bye to son's game room, and spend our first night in the new place next Wednesday!

UPDATE 9/25/16: Found the Janome - now to find the cords!


  1. So glad you are getting to the final stages of your move! I hope all goes well when you finally start living there. It looks a lovely place and it will be exciting to have your own sewing space! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. Must feel great to finally get your own place again and a bonus sewing room !! Bet you can't wait to get in and start arranging your stash.

  3. Hope you are getting settled now! How wonderful to have your own room for sewing!


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