Sunday, August 28, 2016

Meet Jack Nicklaus and Our Soon-To-Be Home

Left - First time in my lap
Right - after a bath and food and lots of love

Last week before the closing for our new manufactured home, the sales manager told me that there was a stray kitten on the office porch. With our cat and dog plus our son's kitten and dog, we have quite a zoo going on while staying in our son and family's gameroom, but was there any way I could walk away from this little guy? It took several minutes of coaxing to get him out from under the chairs on the porch. He was "kneading", purring, and crying, and clearly in distress. Poor little fella! The guys at the office took care of him while we closed and fashioned a makeshift box for me to put him in - they were so happy someone was taking him home!. As soon as I got in the truck I took him out of the box and he never moved from my lap. I found a vet nearby that could take us that day because I couldn't take him back to my son's house with our two healthy cats until we knew he was illness-free. Although he was full of fleas and had a few issues, he is healthy and is feeling much better now. The other two cats are tolerating him - I suspect they will all be playing together this week!

Little Jack Nicklaus sleeping next to Mommy

He is an 8-week old beautiful orange "mackerel" tabby, sweet and affectionate, and now his little belly is round with good food that he gobbles like a pig. I named him Jack Nicklaus after my favorite golfer.

This is our first time owning a manufactured home. Buying a manufactured home as opposed to building a "stick" home was a very reasonable alternative after purchasing 5 acres. Most people refer to them as "mobile" homes, but in fact once it is in place on our land it will not be mobile.

Things we love about this model: the roof was built higher to allow for a flat ceiling rather than typical pitched ceilings in most manufactured homes, it is energy efficient, it is a roomy 2128sf with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, it is gray, it has two living areas, it has a pantry, and the pantry, utility room, and the guest bathroom have barn doors - I love barn doors!

This model was promotional and so no options on colors and floors, but we may change those in the future. We did ask for an allowance for the very basic appliances that were included and have purchased new stainless steel range, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Can't wait to have photos to show you after we move in!

The back of our house just delivered to the lot!

The groundwork begins Monday morning with the contractor preparing a "dirt pad" on which the home will be placed. An aerobic septic system will be added, electricity and water will be installed, and hopefully all will be in finished in the next couple weeks!


  1. Congrats!!! Your new home looks beautiful! Jack Nicklaus is a very popular guy here in Augusta. Nice choice for your little cat;)

    1. I've loved him since the late 1970s! He is a gentleman and great sportsman, and I expect the same of little Jack. ;)

  2. Oh, so wonderful to see the progress that has been made. The pictures are beautiful Linda. I bet you are sooo excited to get moved in and settled. Good luck with the new kitty!

  3. That looks so neat, Linda! So open! I'll look forward to seeing photos of the real one. What a sweet kitty - hope he is playing well with the others!

    1. Thanks Diann! I'll look forward to posting. :) For such a tiny ball of fur, Jack is surprisingly dominant over the two female kitties. :-O

  4. Your new home looks fabulous! Good luck with it all Linda. Having just moved home myself I know how much of an upheaval it can be! Hope all goes smoothly! Jack Nicklaus is adorable! Christine x

  5. How exciting! I'm so glad to see things going well and your blog back. That pantry looks wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing everything!


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