Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

I am reminded today that my parents used to refer to this day as "Decoration Day". We would travel from Bixby to Chelsea (Oklahoma) and place flowers on Granny's grave. I kind of dreaded these trips because Mom and Daddy were sad and spoke in hushed tones, but at least we would stop for cheeseburgers somewhere along the way so the trip had some merit for me.

Today I honor not only those whose lives were lost in the defense of my freedom, but also my family - Mom and Daddy and Jerry and Danny, my brothers.


  1. I remember those sorts of days as being a bit scary. Parents becoming sad over something I didn't truly understand. It put a melancholy feeling in the house and no one really understood. Glad you had that cheeseburger to look forward to!

    1. Lol Bernie the cheeseburger made everything OK. :)

  2. Decoration Day is always the way my mother referred to the holiday as well. And, in my experience, a cheeseburger can pretty much fix anything!


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