Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Broken Vows - Guilty Pleasures = Fabric Love

In spite of my vow to not buy fabric for awhile, I was too tempted by these gorgeous fabrics from Stash Fabrics. They arrived yesterday, and I am smitten.

Stash Fabrics has a design wall, and I already have choices saved for my next purchase. I am in love with every Cotton + Steel fabric I've seen, so my no-fabric vow will remain broken.

L-R: Squared Elements in Citrine by AGF In-House Studio, Joking Around in Yellow by Me and My Sister, Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Mango, and Kitty Dreams

I do love the kitties on this Kitty Dreams in White by Lizzy House

Top to bottom: Triangle Tokens Voile by April Rhodes, Confetti Dot in Gray by Dear Stella. And by Cotton + Steel: Mustang in Aqua, All the States in Aqua, Tiger Stripes Canvas in Aqua (I'd like to make a tote or bag with this)

The Cotton + Steel fabrics may be my favorites

Confetti Dot in Gray by Dear Stella

I couldn't get a decent picture of Triangle Tokens Voile by April Rhodes, so I included the link to it here. It is softly sage and gauzy with the occasional metallic gold triangle. I have not sewn with voile since I was much younger and am eager to see how it does as a quilt fabric. I think it will provide a soft element and texture variation which has not been present in any of my quilts.


  1. Beautiful fabrics Linda can see why you found them hard to resist! :)

    1. And after seeing the beautiful projects on your blog, I am looking at Tilda fabrics on Etsy. It never ends!

  2. Wow, that is a lovely collection of new fabrics. The cats are so cute. What is it about cats and quilts? A dog print generally reads as a novelty but a cat can grace a fabric and it can still be used in a serious project.


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