Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Useless Commentary

Random thoughts and mindless ramblings from my brain this week:

Yesterday I received an email ad for this new "vibrating" mascara. Not to disparage the Maybelline company or anyone who buys this product, but is this not the ultimate in laziness? Although I cannot put on my mascara at the rate of 7000 vibrations per stroke, I have never been rendered physically exhausted by the act of applying mascara. And with my klutz reputation, I am not keen about putting a vibrating wand within millimeters of my eyeball.

A major movie began production this week in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a pretty little town about 20 miles north of Edmond. The Killer Inside Me will star Jessica Alba, Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, and my current favorite actor, Simon Baker, the Australian star of one of our favorite TV shows, The Mentalist. I have a crush on him I think he is hot I really like him and find him attractive because his eyes reflect kindness and humor. And I don't think he wears mascara.

We are having a new fence built in our backyard, which means our dogs, Buddy and Holly, are spending quality time in the house this week. Their boredom is evident in their frequent yawns and whines, and the week promises to be a trying time for all of us. Buddy sighs and stares forlornly out the window. Holly declined to have her picture taken, as she was napping at the time.

The weather is beautiful, but boring, as high pressure has set up over the state. I try not to complain, because the temperature is near-ideal, with low humidity, but it is May, I live in Tornado Alley, and I want thunderstorms. Here is a photo from a more exciting day last week.


  1. Vibrating mascara?? If I am ever so weak that the act of applying mascara exhausts me then I think make-up is going to be the least of my worries!

    Poor doggies...I am jealous of all of your green in your yard!

  2. Vibrating mascara? Can I say WTH? LOL

    Poor pupply doggies... LOL

    And can I just say (again LOL) that only Granny'd be upset at nice weather! BWAHAHAHAHAAH

  3. Oh dear, what they come up with! I'm lucky my hand doesn't shake when I put mascara on to begin with! LOL

  4. I am lol'ing at your commentary! I've never heard of vibrating mascara! It sounds scary to me.

  5. I love the idea of vibrating mascara! Of course I understand your thoughts on the sheer laziness that would have to come upon us for us to use it... but still... theres something about it.

    And I bet you! Simon Baker wears mascara. Gorgeousness like that comes with clear mascara. I'm sure :)


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