Sunday, January 11, 2009

BCS Bowl - The Best Team Lost

The 2009 BCS Championship game on January 9 was a highly anticipated event at our house. Living in a state that is passionate about the OU Sooners football team is very satisfying. After living in Texas--home to the Longhorns, the Aggies, and Texas Tech--it is refreshing to find abundant Sooner fans proudly waving their OU flags, wearing red and white T-shirts and sweatshirts, and talking openly about their love of anything Sooner-ish. My hubby supports OU every morning with his coffee mug.

In case you have no idea what the BCS Bowl was all about, No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners faced No. 2 Florida Gators in Miami, Florida, to determine the BCS National champions. Florida defeated the Sooners 24-14. All I can say about it is that the Sooners are better than their game indicated, and I was depressed when the game was over.

Here is what my son, a Texas Aggie, said about the game. He supports the Sooners (when they are not playing Texas A&M.)
Tough game. OU should've had a 10-14 point lead at halftime, which would've changed the whole complexion of the game.

I also don't understand some of Kevin Wilson's decisions. OU was killing UF with the 4 and 5 WR set in the 1st half, and then they went away from it. Their OL was rock solid in the 1st half -- UF couldn't get close to Bradford. And then in the 2nd half they decide to roll Bradford out of the pocket where he was exposed. Once he gets hit, he's not the same QB.

Defense actually played well, but got worn down in the 4th qtr due to the offense's inability to score.

Stoops and Meyer are the two best coaches in the country; unfortunately, Meyer outcoached Stoops last night.

It was a great game though -- two very good teams. I would love to see Utah play Florida.
That part I bolded? I have no idea what that means. I call it "man language" (although many women speak it also) and there is no translation for it on Babel Fish.

Here is my husband's response, written in the same man language:
Yes, it was a very good game; wish it could have ended differently but I agree with you----the play calling was very good in the 2nd quarter but for whatever reason, they went in a different direction from what was working.

Defense played outstanding on all but way too many 3rd and long.
Good game overall but they should have stuck with the hurry up, run it down their throats plays that were working in the 2nd quarter.

A couple of questionable calls and a couple of better 3rd and 4th down offensive plays and it could have been a completely different game.

Neither of these quotes alleviated my depression in any way, but I am already looking forward to next fall and the 2009 college football season.


  1. Both quotes were Greek to me, Granny. But I like the photo of the mug a lot! :)

  2. JPee, thanks for reading without falling asleep (or did you?)--I kinda liked the funkiness of that pic too. :0)

    HoneyB, Aggies are a loyal bunch--does he say "gig 'em" a lot?

    Carrie, thanks for the sympathy. :))

  3. Linda, want you to know that you have one friend who understood every comment from your son and husband. I don't know if I'm bragging or apologizing. :) Football and golf are the only things I watch on TV. Kathye

  4. I feel like the characters on Charlie Brown with the teacher...all I hear is "blah, blah, blah"
    It's so weird, too, because both my mom & dad were HUGE fans. They had season tickets to all the college games in SD and lots of the pro games also. I can't even find the danged ball when I watch for gosh sakes! I do much better with ANGEL baseball ;)

  5. Oh wow, Joie de Vevre, he sounds like our kind of people!!


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